Why did you start this weblog?
To keep in touch with my fans, and to show everyone that I have a more "human" side, under my super-cool, funky exterior. Plus, it's probably the most reliable source of what really goes on in Parliament. Most of the media just make their stuff up, but here, you know you're getting it straight from the horse's mouth.

What's "Ask John"?
A place where all you regular people can write in and ask me questions or advice. Anything you want. I'm here for you.

Why did you delete my question? What kind of an insensitive, bastard of a PM are you?
That's not a very nice thing to say. I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question, but it was probably 'cause a) I'd already answered one that was heaps similar, b) I'd posted something in my log that was heaps similar, c) It was a stupid question, or d) You're Tony Blair. Nick off, Tony, and get your own weblog.
Plus, if you didn't already know, I run a country as well as this weblog, so sometimes I'm really busy and that. Like, sometimes I have to go jogging or do other PM stuff.

What's the "PM Posse"? How do I join? Does it involve any bizarre initiation rituals?
My PM Posse is all the dudes that have signed up for my mailing list. It means that you get an email every time I update my log, plus a cool membership card that you can show off at Liberal Party functions and stuff.
If you wanna join, just go to the PM Posse page and enter your email. Then they send you an email. Then you send them one. Then I send you one. It's easier than it sounds. There are no initiation rituals, but if you want to egg Crean's car, that'd be pretty cool. We do it all the time.

Can I link to your log?
You sure can. Just put one the following cool pictures on your webpage and link it here:

Can I contact you?
Are you a Terrorist? 'Cause then, no. But if you're not, then you can reach me at johnhowardblog@gmail.com